We spend our lives protecting our family's best interest. But we often delay protecting them from the inevitable (and often unexpected) time when we're gone.

Sharna helps clients protect their family's best interest in the most trying of times. In her personal life, Sharna has felt the anguish of unexpectedly losing a loved one who passed without estate planning. Sharna has also guided clients through the probate process when they lost their loved ones to wrongful deaths. We cannot control death but with proper estate planning, we can ease the process for loved ones. 

Do you have a question about estate planning? Contact us to discuss a protecting your loved ones. 



Sharna customizes wills that direct the disposition of an estate after death. A will helps loved ones execute the client's wishes. Not only does it provide guidance and clarity, it can ease the probate experience.  

Medical Power of Attorney

By creating a Medical Power of Attorney, clients can name a trusted person to act on their behalf for health care matters. 

Durable Power of Attorney

Sharna guides clients through executing a Durable Power of Attorney which allows for a trusted person to make specific decisions on behalf of a client. 

Living Will

Through a Living Will, clients can direct loved ones and health care personnel to make medical decisions and end-of-life treatment. 

Declaration of Guardian

By executing a Declaration of Guardian, clients can provide legal instruction as to who they want to serve as guardian should the need arise.  


Through the utilization of these fiduciary arrangements, third parties and trustees can hold assets for the benefit of beneficiaries. There are various trust options that specify how assets can pass and they may offer tax benefits.