Families matter. That's why your child and your adoption deserve knowledgable legal protection and care. 



A fateful trip to her (now) husband's native Perú spurred her quest to become a lawyer--there were so many deserving children needing families.  With the vision of growing and protecting families , Sharna embarked upon her legal career with studies at the National Institute for Adoption Law and Policy. With experience as legal counsel to adoption agencies and individual families, Sharna is honored to help families grow through adoption across the State of Texas. 

Do you have a question regarding adoption? Contact us to discuss a custom adoption plan. 

Customized Adoption Solutions

Sharna offers adoption consultations to clients who are exploring their adoption options. Sharna can provide guidance on decisions that include whether to adopt domestically or internationally and whether to adopt through the state or pursue private adoption. Informative counsel includes the availability of tax credits and grants.

Private Adoption

Utilizing the knowledge and care of an experienced adoption attorney is of utmost importance in private adoptions. Due to her experience, Sharna understands the legal and emotional challenges adoptive parent experience. Sharna provides legal services across Texas. Tax credits may be applicable. 

LGBT Adoption (Second Parent Adoption)

Despite the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, second parent adoption is the legal solution for securing parenthood rights in same sex marriages. Whether partners are married, Sharna recommends that same sex couples protect their families and children by adoption. Using an attorney experienced and knowledgeable in second parent adoptions is paramount. Sharna is not only experienced and knowledgable in second parent adoptions, she is connected to the LGBT community through pro bono and philanthropic commitments. Tax credits may be applicable. 

Step Parent Adoption

Sharna understands the step parent adoption process intimately--she was adopted as a child. Sharna not only understands the legal requirements of step parent adoptions, she understands the emotional process of step parent adoptions. 

Adult Adoption

Families looking to preserve bonds and take advantage of estate planning benefits may consider the adoption of an adult child. Please contact our office for more information on a customized adult adoption plan, contact our office.

Foreign Adoption Finalization (Re-adoption)

Families built through international adoption can seek a foreign adoption finalization so that they have certification from the State of Texas in regards to parental rights. This process also allows families to seek a birth certificate from the State of Texas.