Sharna helps families grow through adoption and artificial reproduction technology. Sharna provides counsel on strategies for building families and helps clients navigate the required legal processes.

Sharna has served as counsel to both adoption agencies as well as adopting parents and attended the Adoption Institute at the National Institute for Adoption Law & Policy. Adoption services include private adoptions, international or domestic adoptions, adoptions through the State of Texas (Child Protective Services), step-parent adoptions, second parent adoptions, and reunification between adoptees and their birth families. 
As the former owner of a surrogacy agency and as an attorney practicing artificial reproduction technology, Sharna counsels private individuals, healthcare practitioners, and healthcare organizations on legal requirements and best practices for growing families.  Sharna provides the knowledge and expertise to help healthcare clients serve patients, and for patients to start their families.


sharna counsels organizations for growth while protecting their reputations. A former media law professor and strategic communications professional at fortune 500 companies, sharna offers a unique entrepreneurial point of view in providing legal counsel. 

Whether developing a business by expanding products, work force, or services, Sharna provides strategic counsel to grow and protect organizational interests. Sharna helps companies to protect their brands while expanding their presence. Whether dealing with media, stakeholders, or external audiences, Sharna provides strategic external affairs management. 


Sharna empowers clients to protect their loved ones' emotional and financial well being. sharna provides counsel and strategies so that clients can continue to care for their loved ones after life. 

The emotional and financial impacts due to the loss of a loved one are traumatic-- and they can be catastrophic without proper estate planning. By planning for their loved ones during life, Sharna empowers clients to protect and care for their loved ones after life. Working together to create effective plans, clients can protect their loved ones' emotional and financial future.